My name is Kristie, and I am the founder of Savvy Strategies. Helping high school students become the very best they can be is what I have done for 25 years.

As a teacher and then as an administrator, I have walked alongside students, parents, and teachers as we navigated the process of moving students from anxious, wide-eyed freshmen into confident, well-prepared high school graduates. At the same time, I have been raising six pretty amazing young people at home, too. 

Now, having guided many hundreds of my school kids as well as my own kids through the process of preparing for and applying to college, I am excited to offer this service to students and parents in a new and much more personalized way. Over the years, the college application process has changed dramatically. Now more than ever, this kind of specialized service can be exactly what students and their families need to get through the dizzying maze of requirements, choices, deadlines, and more.

The university years are a critical time in a young person’s life. These are the years when students will truly grow into the adults they will become. A college's culture, academics, and experiences all impact a student's life in  immeasurable ways. Accordingly, this opportunity requires an investment of time and many thousands of dollars. You owe it to yourself to get the most out of this extraordinary investment, and start off on the right foot. 


That's what Savvy Strategies does. The college application process is complicated and potentially very expensive. Despite this, many students and families are overwhelmed by the process, and do not know the best way to find the school that is the "right fit". They may not know how to navigate all aspects of the process from start to finish, and keep on top of deadlines for applications, essays, financial aid applications, and more. They may have trouble determining if their essay is both personal and impactful enough. Worst of all, if they are dealt with setbacks, it may seem like there is nowhere to turn for help. That where Savvy Strategies comes in.

Savvy strategies are exactly what I have, and exactly what parents and students going through this process need. 

Savvy Strategies offers a wide range of services. We have group events such as parent seminars orienting them to today's admission process, as well as student workshops for the common application ("common app"), essay writing, and ACT  prep. We also offer individual, customized coaching services through the application, admission, and financial aid processes. A wide range of packages is offered, and if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask!

With Savvy Strategies as your partner in this process, you get peace of mind.

Students, be confident that you are the most informed and prepared you can be, as you apply for admission to the college best suited for you.

Parents, rest assured that you and your student always have the support you need as you prepare to start an important new chapter in your child's life.

Savvy Strategies is ready work with you. 

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We got this!

- College list? Yes.

- Essays? No problem.

- ACT/SAT Prep? Absolutely.