College Essay Help

The essay is a critical piece of any college application. But imagine this - it does NOT have to be fraught with anxiety and stress. It can actually! (For real!) Sharing your story should be a creative, personal, and enjoyable part of the process. Let us help.

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Common Application (plus Supplemental Essays)

The Common App Personal Statement is the primary essay that will be a part of every college application you submit via the Common App. It should express the one big thing you want colleges to know, understand, and appreciate about you.

The supplemental essays are specific to each school. You might luck out and need to write no supplemental essays at all. More likely, you'll need to write several of these... or a dozen. Or more.

We've got strategies and feedback and positive reinforcement every step of the way, no matter how many essays you need to write, what your writing skill may be, or how many revisions you need. From brainstorming to final submission, we'll walk with you as you share your story.

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In person or online (or a combination of both)

Most students "write" on their computers. That means we can help students who are "writing" anywhere. Locally. Elsewhere in the state. Across the country or around the globe. 

Locally, we host writing workshops a few times each year. We bring the snacks, you bring the prompts. Forced focus -- without distractions (but WITH guidance and feedback -- is just what busy students need sometimes.

Individually, we've successfully helped hundreds of students with thousands of pieces of writing. We can help you, too