Services for Schools

When it comes to the ACT, who's got time to learn all of that?

You know the ACT is important. You want your students to do well - for their own sake and for your school's. But all of those subsections, strategies, practices, and analysis. Who's got time for all of that, anyhow?? 

You are crunched on time, money and resources. 

I've been there. I understand! My Savvy Strategies can supplement the services you already offer or provide additional services that are flexible and affordable. 


Professional Development for Teachers

Lively, invigorating, informative PD for the teachers in your high school!  

We've got the savvy ACT strategies your teachers need. 

  • ACT Coaching - Prepare your teachers to lead ACT preparation in your school. For your entire faculty or just a few teachers, we provide the training and resources so you can help your students get higher scores!

Savvy Services for Students

Can we offer ACT prep to your entire junior class? You bet!

Can we offer an opt-in ACT prep class during the school day, just for interested students? Of course! 

  • ACT prep classes -  It's your school. You decide.  And then? We'll come and teach your students the strategies they need to earn their best scores yet!